Louisiana State Auditor


Best Practices

  1. What would be considered a prohibited use of public funds?
  2. Where can I get information on best management practices?

Legal Assistance

  1. Where do I find questions and answers to legal assistance provided by LLA?

Reports Issued by LLA

  1. Are LLA reports available via RSS?
  2. How do I differentiate between the reports for an agency?
  3. How do I find a report?
  4. How far back do the reports go for this agency?
  5. How long do the reports remain on the Web site?
  6. How much does a report cost?
  7. When will a report be released?

Tax Review

  1. Can a taxing authority levy less than its maximum authorized millage?
  2. If a District advertises to roll forward then decides not to, is the District required to adopt the roll forward millage or can it adopt the adjusted millage?
  3. If a taxing authority levies less than its maximum authorized millage, what happens when reassessment occurs?
  4. What is the adjusted maximum millage?
  5. What is the prior year's maximum authorized millage?

Working For LLA

  1. Are there opportunities for advancement?
  2. Can I apply for all open positions at one time?
  3. Do I have to be a CPA?
  4. How long do I have to complete the CPA?
  5. Is testing required?
  6. May I transfer from one Audit Service to another?
  7. What about compensation?
  8. What happens after I submit my application?
  9. What is the dress code?
  10. What is the typical workweek like?
  11. What kind of hours will I work?
  12. What kind of training can I expect?
  13. Which Audit Service is right for me?
  14. Will I have to travel?
  15. Will I work alone or on a team?