Louisiana Legislative Auditor

How LLA Can Help You

Proactive Assistance

As the auditor of state and local government, a part of our mission is to assist the legislature and other public officials by providing accurate, objective, and timely information to aid in their decision-making processes. We employ a variety of professionals, such as certified public accountants, public administrators, actuaries, attorneys, forensic auditors, and information technology specialists.  Our hope is that these advisory services will aid you with your reporting and compliance responsibilities.

A Wealth of Information

Our diverse group of professionals is well versed in the financial and operational aspects of state and local government.  From our Web site, which includes a library of state and local government audit reports, to our professional staff, we are a definitive resource.  If we cannot directly provide the information you seek, we can connect you with the specific source that can.

Proper Training

Our goal is to help you ensure that public entities in state and local government follow all regulations and laws and that the dollars allocated to them are used wisely and reported fairly.  In furtherance of this goal, we provide assistance and training, from internal auditor training programs to public bid law seminars, for all manner of governmental entities, from local fire districts to state departments.  We welcome participation of agency officials at our training sessions when we have space available.  Information about future training sessions is posted periodically on our Web site.

Public Bids, Meetings and Records

We can help entities understand when to follow the public bid law, when a public meeting is mandatory, and how to properly execute a cooperative endeavor agreement. Our staff is available to answer your specific or broad-reaching questions as they relate to any and all issues concerning public bids, meetings, and records.  Our guidance will be in accord with current law, Attorney General opinions, and Louisiana jurisprudence.

Wise Funding Decisions

We objectively evaluate state programs to determine if they are working effectively and efficiently. We provide recommendations on how to improve program performance to help make sure public dollars are spent wisely.  Through these efforts, our office advises entities on making prudent management decisions.

Unbiased Fiscal and Actuarial Services

We conduct professional analyses and prepare fiscal notes to help legislators understand the financial and actuarial impact of proposed legislation. Our experienced actuaries help determine whether the state’s retirement systems are actuarially sound.

Quality Control

To properly safeguard and manage public assets, we strive to ensure that all levels of government, including state agencies and universities, have adequate internal controls and are compliant with state and federal laws. Our auditors also examine the details of state agency transactions, providing assurance that reported financial information is reliable.  We support the fiscal integrity of local government by overseeing independent CPAs who conduct audits of local governmental entities.

Disaster Recovery Assistance

We help ensure that federal disaster recovery dollars are suitably documented and properly administered.  Our professionals are experts on the proper use of federal disaster recovery funding.

Forensic Audits

Highly skilled at uncovering the improper use of public funds, we provide in-depth forensic auditing services to detect and deter the misappropriation of public assets.

Legislative Testimony

Our staff members are available to testify to legislative committees on a number of issues concerning state and local government, including commerce, education, health and welfare, transportation, insurance, and governmental affairs.

Millage Expertise

Our staff is well versed in the intricacies of levying millages. Whether you are dealing with a school district, fire district, or a transportation issue, our specialists can answer a host of questions ranging from those concerning ad valorem tax issues to setting millage rates at public hearings.