Audit Tools

Local Government Reporting System

Local Government Reporting System The Legislative Auditor has developed a new information system for certain local governments that will help us to identify entities that may be fiscally distressed.

CPA Government & Audit Forms

CPA Government & Audit Forms Helpful forms & checklists for audits, attestations, compliance, engagement, and more.

Extension Request Form & Instructions

Extension Request Form Forms and instructions for requesting an emergency or non-emergency extension.

Continuing Disclosure / Act 463

Continuing Disclosure / Act 463 Links to help CPAs get information on the Securities and Exchange Commission requirement for continuing disclosures of financial information by issuers of municipal securities.

FEMA Training for CPAs

Federal Resources

Interpretations on Accounting and Auditing Standards


Capital Assets

GASB 68 Implementation

Legal Assistance Local Engagements

New Topics for CPAs