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To foster accountability and transparency in Louisiana government by providing

the Legislature and others with audit services, fiscal advice, and other useful information. -- Mission Statement of the Louisiana Legislative Auditor

NOTICE: Blank Sworn Financial Statement Form for Constables. Blank Sworn Financial Statement Form for Justices of the Peace.

Recent Reports

Non-Compliance List

Non-Compliance ListThis report reflects entities that are not in compliance with the Audit Law as of today. This list is prepared by LLA to inform state and local entities who are obligated to implement LA R.S. 39:72.1.

Legal Assistance

Legal AssistanceOur Legal Services team provides legal advice on a variety of issues, including: Public Funds, Political Subdivision Budgeting, Sunshine Laws, and more.


ResourcesOur diverse group of professionals is well versed in the financial and operational aspects of state and local government. We provide recommendations on how to improve program performance to help ensure goals are achieved.