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Best Practices in Government Checklist

Checklist for Newly Elected Officials

Grant/Funding Resources (New as of 04/07/2021)

Quasi-Public Agency Informational Brochure

Reporting Requirements for Not-for-Profit Organizations

Chart of Accounts Louisiana Local Government

Ransomware Tips

FEMA Public Assistance Program & Policy Guide (01/2016)

FEMA Public Assistance Program & Policy Guide (04/2017)

FEMA Public Assistance Program & Policy Guide (04/2018)

Example Documents & Templates

Local Government Budget Act Reporting Template (09/2022)

Leave Earned & Taken Schedule

Leave Request

Timesheet (1 week)

Timesheet (2 weeks)

Annual Credit - Purchase Card Agreement Form

Credit Card Issuance Log

Travel Advance Request Form

Travel Expense Form

Customer Billing Adjustment Form

Gas Diesel Log

Vehicle Log

Citations Issued Log

Traffic Ticket Log

White Paper on Prevention of Sexual Harassment Law

Best Practices

Bank Reconciliations

Board Oversight


Capital Assets Policy & Procedures


Changing Vendor Banking Information In the Master File (Updated 12/2022)


Controls over Gasoline-Diesel

Controls over Traffic Tickets

Customer Utility Accounts Policy

Debt Service

Evidence Rooms


Financial Reporting Policy

Fuel Policy & Procedures


Purchasing & Disbursements Policy

Sexual Harassment (04/2020)

Travel & Expense Reimbursement Policy

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