Local Government Financials

The Louisiana State Auditor receives financial information from various Louisiana local governmental entities. Financial information is due within six months of the entity's year-end, and in most instances, state law requires audited financial information be submitted to this office.

The office is currently developing a database that will be available to the public that will disclose both the financial position and operating revenues and expenses of the General Fund in Louisiana local governmental entities.

In the interim, the office has compiled a list of the components of fund balance in the General Fund for municipalities, school boards, and parish police juries/councils. The amounts in these schedules have been extracted from audited financial statements and will be updated periodically until the database is complete.


The Appropriations Act, section 18 B. (1) of the Louisiana Legislature states:

"No funds appropriated in this Act shall be transferred to a public or quasi-public agency or entity which is not a budget unit of the state unless the intended recipient of those funds presents a comprehensive budget to the legislative auditor and the transferring agency showing all anticipated uses of the appropriation, an estimate of the duration of the project, and a plan showing specific goals and objectives for the use of such funds, including measures of performance."