Program Overview

Presenter: Diane B. Allison, CPA, CGMA, CGFO

Welcome & Introduction

Presenter: Michael J. “Mike” Waguespack, CPA

Session 1: Governance of a Public Entity I - Core Principles & Recommended Implementation

Presenter: Jenifer Schaye, CFE

Session 2: Governance of a Public Entity II - Practical Applications & Lessons Learned from the Trenches

Presenter: Michael G. Battle, MPA

Session 3: Protecting Your Bank Balance - Preventing Disbursement Fraud

Presenter: Greg Clapinski, CPA, CFE

Session 4: Public Bid Law - Recurring Issues & Legal Solutions

Presenter: Patrick Virgadamo, CFE

Session 5: Managing Capital Assets

Presenter: Judith Dettwiller, CPA

Session 6: The Road to a Smooth Recovery

Presenter: John L. Morehead, CPA